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Your Trusted Partner in the Bio-Industry


Your Trusted Partner in the Bio-Industry

Powerful Equipment

Centrion has demonstrated that it will have a say in the future by introducing itself globally with its investments in the bio-industry. Centrion's work in the field of bio-industry, especially in the fields of bioreactor, fermenter and centrifuge, has succeeded in establishing a strong equipment for the company in a short time and thus making its name known. Thanks to the partnership he established with B.E Marubishi in Japan, he started to sign strong partnerships in this field. Centrion continues to achieve successful works by proving its quality with the steps it has taken in the bio-industry.

Quality Product

When we looked at Centrion's product range, we mentioned that Bioreactor, fermenter and centrifuge are the main products. With its Biocanvas systems in the bioreactor field, Centrion provides you with easy-to-use machines, features such as finger operation technology, as well as simple, effective, and useful use with easy user interfaces, as well as providing you with accurate information in the ongoing process. Imagine controlling the Bioreactor machine easily from your smartphones. Isn’t that interesting? 

When we look at Fermenter and Centrifuge, we can see the reflection of Centrion's quality in the same way. We can count many features for the fermenter, such as a large 17 cm touch screen, remote control with PC software, automatic flow control. Likewise, Centrifuge products can be produced for the same purposes and designed according to the needs and wishes of the customer. We can see many smart solutions such as simple operation, perfect cleaning of the separated liquid, touch screen controller in centrifuges.

Lifetime Partnership

We can observe that Centrion is a company that brings together technology and science in general and uses them correctly in the bio-industry. In this sense, Centrion company wants to do successful business in this industry with partner companies that it can do business with for many years.

If you want to get more information about Centrion company, you can reach us from our contact number.

By: Abdullah Yayla