Let’s Work Together


Free Trade Agreement

The Free Trade Agreement is an agreement signed between Turkey and South Korea to reduce the restrictions on trade. Thanks to this agreement, there is no extra tax. We help you import high quality products from South Korea at a more affordable price.


No Fee Request

GBC Istanbul is a company operating to promote South Korean companies free of charge. It does not charge any fees when bringing companies in the two countries together for possible collaborations.

Plenty of Choices

38,000 Manufacturers

GBC Istanbul is in contact with approximately 38,000 companies in the Gyeonggi Business Center, the commercial center of Gyeonngi, South Korea. GBC Istanbul offers you the opportunity to cooperate with the most suitable manufacturer for you to contact about the product group you are looking for.

GBC Istanbul

One Step to South Korea!

As GBC Istanbul, we continue to support you with our expert and dynamic staff in the import processes of the products your company needs. You can contact us according to your wishes and needs.



South Korea

Pazarlama Danışmanlığını Yaptığımız Güney Koreli Şirketler

We act as a link between the two countries in order to increase the volume of cooperation between Turkey and South Korea. As GBC Istanbul, we support the promotion and sales processes of South Korean companies by undertaking the marketing activities.