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Paws & Nature

Paws & Nature

AURA Cosmetic's 'Paws & Nature' brand is designed to be the highest quality pet care products. The product includes Pet Shower Filter, Pet Shampoo and Pet's SkinCare devices. FDA and CE certified Paws&Nature Pet Shower Filter gives your beloved canine and feline friends a healthy shower and aromatherapy effect. The shower filter reduces the chlorine delay in the water tap and provides a great deal of psychological comfort to pets with its nature-oriented content.


Wash your dogs and cats with clean water without chlorine or pollution!

What is “Paws&Nature Vitamin Shower Filter”?

It is a kind of shower filter that neutralizes 99.99% of chlorine and chloramines in tap water using vitamin C. Paws and Nature Vitamin shower filters can prevent itching, dry skin and other skin problems caused by chlorine. They also maintain the hair condition. You can easily mount it to your existing shower head or faucet.


Make your dog love taking a shower

Paws&Nature All-in-One Pet Grooming Shampoo!

Have you ever been surprised to see a happy puppy rubbing against worms and grass while taking a walk after the rain? Dogs like to smear the body odors of plants and animals on their fur. We must understand and tolerate the behavior of dogs. But you need to wash your dog again. If your dog likes to take a shower, it's not a big deal.


Our Brand: Paws&Nature

We will offer health and life products by constantly making efforts for our unconditionally loving pets. We will do our best for the happiness of pets and share in return for their love.



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