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Tae Lim Co.

Tae Lim Corporation

Tae Lim Corporation specializes in a variety of home interior materials such as Deco Sheet, Deco Tiles and Floor Adhesive. These products are manufactured in Tae Lim's reliable manufacturing facility and offer a variety of design and ordering options. Tae Lim's newly launched Deco Tile is 5 times more durable than normal products with its special technique.


Foam Brick

Heat-Insulation, Cushion Sheet

Cushion sheet dimension

1- highly cost effective for all seasons thanks to high heating and insulation effect
Helps you save heating cost in the winter, air-conditioning cost in the summer and even cost for removing condensation.

2- reduces risk for fire
relatively less risky for fire as flame-resistant materials are used

3- luxurious patterns and vivid colors
All the more classic patterns and vivid color, ensuring neat application just like done by professionals.

4-stability ensured via cushion guard
Thick panel serves as cushion guard. It works as both interior prop and safety feature for children's room.

5- function added to prevent odor and fungus etc
No odor of adhesive allowed that are sometimes felt from cheap products. Anti-humidity and anti-fungus function allows fresh and clean interior design.

6- Privacy protection via great-noise proof feature
With 0.6cm thickness, it serves as anti-noise feature as well as unique interior prop.


Interior Film & Decor Sheet

Product Features

  • Due to simple utilization, shortening work schedule is possible compared to conventional surface finish.
  • In use, alteration or repair is easily changeable when needed.
  • Flat and curved surface construction is also easily possible.
  • Use of natural texture is different such as wood pattern type and elegant leather type.
  • Excellent durability for impact, friction and scratch.
  • Excellent stability on change of heat, temperature and humidity.
  • Ensure fire safety through suppressing smoke occurrence when fire.


  • Residental space, office space, industrial space
  • Art wall
  • Shoe shelf, pillar, ceiling, elevator

High-gloss adhesive sheet

  • The outer surface is coated with high-gloss products
  • The surface is shine and resistant to scratches
  • Luxurious atmosphere during construction

Veneer adhesive sheet

  • More confortable and elegant
  • Through antimicrobial surface treatment, produces a variety of interior space that comfortable and environment-friendly at the same time

Point adhesive sheet

  • Luxury point wallpaper even construction on plain wallpaper surface is possible
  • Even better if use a water-based primer for PVC in construction when the surface is rough such as cement or steel


Vinly (PVC) Tiles

Product Features

  • Harmless to the human body due to using a polypropylene resin as the main raw material
  • Reproduces the natural texture and color differences.
  • Strong Stain resistance and wear resistance due to a UV coating on the product surface.
  • High quality flooring which does not has deformation or discoloration even used long.
  • Excellent economical and practical flooring.
  • Günlük hayattaki kirleticiler; makyaj bezi veya alkol ile kolayca çıkarılabilir.
  • Ideal for industrial applications which has frequent moves
  • No need for a seperate adhesive as the adhesive-treated is on the back of the product and the consumer can easily construct


  • Business/ commercial facilities (departmant stores, showrooms, officies, etc.)
  • Public works / Educational facilities (schools, classrooms, library, hospital, etc.)


You can get in touch with us if you wish to sell these products or become a distributor of this company in Turkey. As GBC Istanbul, we facilitate collaboration by connecting South Korean manufacturers and Turkish companies together.